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AnyVid - أفضل برنامج تنزيل فيديو

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AnyVid - أفضل برنامج تنزيل فيديو

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Looking for an excellent Facebook video downloader online? You may have heard about FBDOWN Video Downloader. FBDOWN allows you to download Facebook videos online without difficulty. If you wish to download Facebook videos in HD and SD, you can turn to FBDOWN.net.

Yet, sometimes FBDOWN fails to parse the video link without any hint. And the chances are that some downloaded videos come without sound.

Therefore, in this post, I will show you how to download Facebook videos with FBDOWN Video Downloader. Moreover, I will show you 7 أفضل أدوات تنزيل الفيديو من Facebook like FBDOWN. Hence you can download videos from Facebook successfully all the time.



Part 1. FBDOWN Review

FBDOWN.net is a free website to help users download videos off Facebook and save them for offline viewing. The key features of FBDOWN Video Downloader include:

● سهل ومجاني للاستخدام

● Download Facebook videos in HD & SD

Download private Facebook videos & Facebook Live videos

● Chrome extension to download Facebook videos instantly

How to Use FBDOWN?

  1. Visit the Facebook website, locate the video you need to download, and copy its link.
  2. Switch to FBDOWN.net and paste the link. Then hit the Download button.
  3. Now you can choose between Download Video in Normal Quality and Download Video in HD Quality. Pick one, and you are good to go. Sometimes ads can appear. Just close it and move on.


FBDOWN Video Downloader is totally safe and anonymous to use. Yet, this Facebook video download site runs Google Ads to feed its servers and keep FBDOWN alive. If you are tired of irritating ads, go to Part 2 and find a desirable Facebook video downloader.

Generally, FBDOWN showcases a solid performance in Facebook video downloads. It also rolls out Facebook video downloader Chrome extension to satisfy users’ demand. And the FBDOWN Firefox extension is under development at the moment.

However, FBDOWN fails to parse the video link out of sudden. And you can’t rely on it to download Facebook videos with copyrighted music.

With such a case, I do recommend you to have other Facebook video downloaders for backup. In the following part, I will share 7 best alternatives to FBDOWN video downloader. Please keep reading.

Part 2. Top 7 Alternatives to FBDOWN Video Downloader

1. AmoyShare Facebook Video Downloader

AmoyShare Facebook تنزيل الفيديو is an all-in-one video downloader. It enables you to download videos from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other 250+ sites. Besides that, it upgrades regularly and allows you to download videos without any glitches.

AmoyShare Facebook تنزيل الفيديو

الملامح الرئيسية:

قم بتنزيل Facebook إلى MP4 and MP3 formats

● Video downloads from leading video sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram

● Search for video via URL, title, artist, etc

● Safe, fast, and ad-free

الحد الأدنى: Compared with FBDOWN.net, اموي outshines with its capability to download videos from 250+ sites, including Facebook. It allows you to download Facebook videos to MP3 directly. Besides that, this Facebook video download site is 100% safe and ad-free.

2. AnyVid Video Downloader

برنامج AnyVid Video Downloader outstands from other Facebook video downloaders with its batch download functions. It enables you to paste multiple Facebook video links and download them in bulk instantly.

With AnyVid video downloader, you can download not only Facebook videos but also videos from YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and other 1,000+ sites.

AnyVid تنزيل الفيسبوك

الملامح الرئيسية:

Download Facebook videos in 1080p,720p, 480p, 360p

● تحويل الفيسبوك ل MP3 in 320kbps, 192kbps, and 128kbps

● Download Facebook Live videos and private videos

● Download multiple videos simultaneously

● سرعة تنزيل أسرع بثلاث مرات

● Download any video from any website

الحد الأدنى: AnyVid تنزيل الفيديو has a leg up on FBDOWN Video Downloader due to its powerful functions. If you are eager to download Facebook videos to MP4 and MP3 in high quality or batch download Facebook videos effortlessly, AnyVid is definitely your top choice. Install it now. It runs smoothly on PC, Mac, and Android.


قم بتنزيل أي فيديو من أكثر من 1,000 موقع

  • لنظام التشغيل Windows 10/8/7
  • لنظام التشغيل Mac OS X 14+
  • لأجهزة الأندرويد

3. DoremiZone Facebook to MP3 Converter

DoremiZone الفيسبوك لتحويل MP3 also shows reliable performance in Facebook video download online. Unlike FBDOWN Video Downloader, DoremiZone allows you to download Facebook videos in MP4 and MP3 formats directly.

DoremiZone الفيسبوك لتحويل MP3

الملامح الرئيسية:

● Save Facebook to MP4 and MP3 with 1 click

● سرعة تحميل سريعة

● Free of ads and malicious code

● Supports video downloads from 250+ sites

الحد الأدنى: If compared with FBDOWN, DoremiZone الفيسبوك لتحويل MP3 is capable of grabbing videos from leading video-hosting sites without any irritating ads. Moreover, you can rely on this excellent video downloader to save Facebook videos without error.

4. Doremi Music Downloader

دوريمي تنزيل الموسيقى is a versatile tool that allows you to download music and videos from 700+ sites, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Besides that, it enables you to download videos while viewing them.

دوريمي تنزيل الموسيقى

الملامح الرئيسية:

● Download Facebook to HD MP3 & MP4

● Music and video download from 700+ sites

● Search for videos via URL, title, artist, etc.

● 300% faster download speed

الحد الأدنى:Although Doremi is a professional music downloader, it also shines in Facebook video downloads. Better than FBDOWN, Doremi Downloader assures you that it can download any FB video to MP3 in 320kbps, 192kbps, and 128kbps. If you prefer to download Facebook to MP3, دوريمي تنزيل الموسيقى يستحق المحاولة.

5. Getfvid

Getfvid is another Facebook video downloader online. Similar to FBDOWN Video Downloader, it allows you to download videos from Facebook for free. Also, it features a Chrome extension to help you download any Facebook video online.


الملامح الرئيسية:

● Download Facebook video in HD or SD

● Rip Facebook audio

● Fast download and easy to use

● Scan the QR code to download videos directly to your phone or tablet

● Save to Dropbox directly

الحد الأدنى: Getfvid is an excellent alternative to FBDOWN.net. Yet, it offers a straightforward way to save Facebook videos on your phone or Dropbox. Besides that, you can rip audio from Facebook videos directly.

6. Y2Mate

Y2Mate is an online tool to download YouTube videos. However, many users find that it shows a reliable performance when downloading videos from Facebook and many other sites.


الملامح الرئيسية:

● Download video and audio off Facebook for free

● Save online videos from leading streaming sites

● Fast download speed and ad-free service

الحد الأدنى: Y2Mate edges out FBDOWN Video Downloader in terms of downloading Facebook to MP3 smoothly. Apart from that, you can rely on Y2Mate to grab videos from YouTube and many other sites. It is the best Facebook and YouTube downloader.

7. Fbdownloader.net

Fbdownloader.net is another easy-to-use website to help you save videos from Facebook. It features a simple but intuitive layout and makes the Facebook video downloader pretty simple.


الملامح الرئيسية:

● Save Facebook videos in SD or HD quality

● Convert Facebook MP3 file

● Download private Facebook videos effortlessly

الحد الأدنى: If you wish to rip audio from Facebook, Fbdownloader.net is a much desirable downloader than FBDOWN. It allows you to download both MP4 and MP3 files from Facebook in a pretty easy way.


FBDOWN Video Downloader is a popular video downloader for Facebook. It allows you to download any Facebook video online for free.

However, some sites like FBDOWN.net offer better download service. For example, AmoyShare Facebook تنزيل الفيديو is an ad-free website to help you to download Facebook to MP4 and MP3 with only 1 click.

If you prefer to download Facebook videos in 1080p or save Facebook to MP3 320kbps, برنامج تنزيل الفيديو AnyVid comes in handy. It runs smoothly and quickly on PC, Mac, and Android.

جربها الآن!

الأسئلة المتكررة

Is FBDOWN safe?

Yes, FBDOWN.net is safe to use. Yet, there are some unwanted ads on this website. If you want to find a safe and clean website to download Facebook videos, you can go to AmoyShare Facebook تنزيل الفيديو. It is a great site like FBDOWN.

How to save a video from Facebook?

1. Visit Facebook website and copy the FB video link.2. رئيس لأكثر من AmoyShare Facebook تنزيل الفيديو and paste the link.3. Now follow the prompt and save the video from Facebook instantly.

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