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  • قم بتحويل أي ملف فيديو بدون حد للحجم
  • قم بتحويل مقاطع فيديو MOV إلى MP4 بسرعة 60X أسرع
  • أكثر من 1,000 تنسيق فيديو / صوت مدعوم
  • قم بتحويل مقاطع الفيديو بسهولة لأنظمة Windows و iPhone و Android وما إلى ذلك.

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ما هي MOV؟

MOV is an audio and video format used to store commonly used digital media types. As it is unique to iOS and macOS systems, we cannot play it on Windows or Android. The biggest difference between MOV and MP4 is that MP4 is a lossy compression while MOV is a lossless compression, which has a better image quality but a larger volume.

About AmoyShare Online MOV to MP4 Converter

AmoyShare Online MOV to MP4 Converter is the best MOV file converter, which can convert MOV to MP4 online for free, and it has always been committed to providing users with the best MOV conversion experience.

  • QuickTime MOV to MP4

    MOV is the default video format output by QuickTime. The MOV video sent by Mac users cannot be played in other players, so it makes sense to convert QuickTime MOV to MP4 for playback on various devices.

  • Convert MOV File over 500MB

    Most online MOV converters only allow you to convert MOV files below 100MB, while AmoyShare Online MOV to MP4 Converter enables you to convert MOV to MP4 online over 500MB free, and has no quality loss.

  • Convert MOV on Any Device

    The problem that MOV format cannot be played on iPhone and Mac bothers most users. AmoyShare Online MOV to MP4 Converter is compatible with most popular devices, so you don’t have to worry about this problem at all.

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